Finland Multi Center FMC Oy is a logistics service company
We provide highly efficient and competitive logistics services

Our services
Presentation, Advantage

Presentation / Advantage

We provide efficient and competitive logistics services that promote the development of our customers' business.
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Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

Safe and efficient way to store goods near the Russian border.
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Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding services

The company has EU customs licenses and provides road, air and sea freight forwarding services.
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Transportation of goods

Transportation of goods

The location close to the Russian border and the harbor of Hamina-Kotka guarantees good connections around the world.
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Finland Multi Center FMC Oy

Finland Multi Center FMC Oy is a privately-owned logistics service company in Finland which was founded in 2004. Our company’s mission is to provide highly efficient and competitive logistics services that contribute to development of our clients’ businesses.

Our company offers customers complete logistics solutions based on our client’s needs analysis and taking into account the specifics of each individual cargo. Professionally skilled staff of our company with extensive experience in all fields of logistics services develops fast and reliable logistics solutions for delivery, processing and clearance of any consignment.


The main activity of our company is handling and warehousing of transit cargo moving to Russia through Finland.  FMC Logistics offers processing and storage of goods in temporary storage warehouses and in customs warehouses, customs clearance of cargoes, forwarding services and cargo transportation by any mode of transport. The advantageous geographical location and technical equipment of our customs terminals ensure the effectiveness of our work.

Cooperation with FMC Logistics provides our customers with the following benefits:

  1. Beneficial location of both terminals. 24-hour border customs work
  2. Security
  3. Two-shift work of service personnel from 8.00 to 20.00
  4. Qualified Russian-speaking staff
  5. Flexible approach to pricing
  6. Cargo storage in Finland gives our customers three undoubted advantages:
    • from a warehouse located in Finland suppliers can get their shipments not only to the Russian market but to other CIS countries as well avoiding customs duties and VAT payments.
    • efficient cargo delivery to the consumer
    • in case of goods leftovers, if necessary, the items will be returned to the supplier without paying customs duties and taxes

Customs terminals

Our main customs terminal is located 500 meters from the border customs checkpoint Vaalimaa (from the Russian side the border checkpoint Torfyanovka). Vehicles loaded at this terminal conduct customs clearance at the customs border checkpoint and proceed to Russia directly without queuing up. An absolute advantage of customs checkpoint’s work at Vaalimaa is the round-the-clock work schedule, which allows you to conduct customs clearance at any time of day.

The second customs terminal is located at the seaport of HaminaKotka. The terminal is equipped with its own railway branch running into the terminal, which provides unloading / loading into 3 railroad cars at the same time.

Both terminals are equipped with automatic heating and security systems, fire alarms, video monitoring systems, as well as modern loading and unloading and packaging equipment.

This gives us the opportunity to provide cargo handling services at the highest level in accordance with our customers’ logistics requirements.


Warehouse logistics

Safe and efficient cargo storage near the Russian border. FMC has vast experience with high-tech product brands (HI-TECH), such as CISCO, FUJITSU, INTEL, IBM, AVAYA, LENOVO, EATON, SUPERMICRO, EXTREME, CHECK POINT, AMD and others.

In addition to the products listed above we have experience in working with consumer goods, various industrial machines and equipment, as well as food products.

Warehousing services

  • cargo loading and unloading
  • checking and matching
  • sorting and assembling according to customer’s orders
  • repacking, weighing and labelling of goods
  • providing photo reports of any damage or faults and notifying the supplier
  • cargo handling according to special customer’s requirements
  • inventory services
  • long- and short-term cargo storage
  • insurance of goods stored in our warehouse

The total area of warm terminals is 15800 square meters
Fenced yard area – 43400 square meters

Logistics warehouse software enables each cargo’s registration providing the name of goods, number of items, packages, pieces and weight. Each incoming consignment receives a warehouse number.

We use direct electronic communication with Finnish Customs. Experienced staff offers a wide range of services for processing and storage of goods.

Freight forwarding services

Our company has EU customs licenses and provides road, air and sea freight forwarding services for all types of cargo.
Experienced and multilingual staff provides the following forwarding services:

  • export customs clearance (EXA)
  • freight documents (CMR, consignment notes, railway consignment notes)
  • customs clearance for transit cargo (T1, EXA re-export, TIR CARNET)
  • import customs clearance
  • special consulting services

We serve our customers in Russian and English.


Due to its location in proximity to the Russian border and seaport HaminaKotka FMC OY provides excellent global connections by land, water, railway and air.

Road transportation

An extensive network of reliable partners, both in Finland and throughout Europe, makes it possible to deliver goods by road from anywhere in Europe to our warehouses. Daily cargo delivery from Vantaa Airport (Helsinki).

Sea freight

Ocean freight shipment is undoubtedly the most important part of transportation between Europe and Asia. Using our partner network, we organize both export and import shipping. We offer freight for less-then-container load (LCL) as well as full container load (FCL) shipments from Europe, the Far East, North and South America.

Air transport

We offer our customers air transportation services for import and export shipments worldwide, both small and large consignments.

Railway transportation

The gauge track widths of the Finnish and Russian railway networks are the same, which allows you to cross the borders of countries quickly without wheelset changing. We organize railway transportation from Finland to Russia, from Russia to Finland or from China to Finland through Russia.


Our location together with great experience and skill guarantees successfully ongoing cooperation with our company.

Finland Multi Center FMC Oy

Rajahovintie 14
49930 Vaalimaa, FINLAND

+358 102 191 400


Georgy Romanov

Sergey Kravchuk

Managing director

Natalia Tiilikka

The main terminal
Rajahovintie 14, 49930 Vaalimaa, Finland

The terminal is located 500 m from the Finnish border checkpoint Vaalimaa. On the Russian side, the border checkpoint at Torfyanovka, MAPP Torfyanovka.

On the main eastern freight route E18 / M10, the distance to St. Petersburg is 210 km, to Moscow – 960 km, and to Helsinki Airport (Vantaa) – 190 km.

The second terminal
Hailikarintie 8, 49460 Hamina, Finland

The terminal is located in the seaport of Hamina-Kotka, about 50 km from the Finnish border checkpoint at Vaalimaa. On the Russian side, the border checkpoint at Torfyanovka, MAPP Torfyanovka.

On the main freight route E18 / M10, the distance to St. Petersburg is 250 km, to Moscow – 1,000 km, and to Helsinki (Vantaa) airport – 150 km.

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